Librarian Jobs – How to Find a Job as a Librarian

Librarian Jobs – How to Find a Job as a Librarian

If you enjoy reading a great book, helping others, using media sources, learning something new every day and sharing your knowledge of classic literature, you might be interested in finding a job as a librarian.

Libraries are not just for books anymore, they are repositories for movies, Internet access, microfilm, magazines and even audio books and radio. If this sounds like a career you may be interested in, here are a few helpful suggestions to assist you in finding a job as a librarian.

How to Find a Job as a Librarian

The first step to finding a job as a librarian is to put together a great resume. Like any job, having some experience is always helpful but not always necessary. Be sure to touch on any job skills or related experience, studies, school subjects and volunteer work. If you are willing to relocate, make sure you note that in the first paragraph of your resume. If you also have a minimum salary you must earn, that should be noted as well. If you have no related job skills or training in the library field, list all past work experience and your school history anyway. Include at least two personal references if you can. Almost any city has a job center available, and most have online sites.

You can start your search locally or if you are willing to relocate, chose a few cities or states and check their online job centers as well. If you do not see any jobs posted and are really enamored with a certain town or school library, then call the main office of those libraries directly. Sometimes people know of future openings that may be coming up. In which case, leave your name, number and resume so you can be contacted quickly and easily.

Library jobs are not restricted to only public libraries, there are school or university libraries, state and city libraries, legal libraries, museum archives, church records, and even some private or home libraries.

If at first you are unable to find a job as a librarian, look for work in a related field. This will give you relevant experience and enhance your resume.

Ask in local public schools if they have a story time, volunteer in a retirement home or hospital filing records, find an office job that requires filing or even some universities will hire research assistants.

When you are ready to search for a job as a librarian again, your resume will show that you are hard working and determined to make your dream job a reality.

The position of librarians is an honored position given the fact that librarians spent a lot of time helping people.

All the best in finding a job as a librarian.

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