Referral Bonus

Repeat and referral business have been a big part of success at Global Technology Associates (GTA).

We highly value referrals and readily pay referral bonuses.

The GTA Referral Bonus payment plan is simple.

  • Search open positions on the GTA website.
  • Note the position id. of the opportunity matching the skills and experience of your friend or colleague.
  • Using the id of the matching position, complete the Referral Bonus Form to forward the text of your friend or colleague’s résumé.
  • If within 3 months, GTA places your referral with one of our clients for a contract engagement or full time employment, GTA will pay a finder’s fee to you of US$500.00.

So if you know somebody anxious to find a better position, please complete the Referral Bonus Form. Doing so could put extra cash in your hands.


  1. The purpose of the referral program is to facilitate the placement of contractors and staff at GTA client locations.
  2. Referred candidate must not already be known to GTA and the referral declaration must be made at the time of resume submission.
  3. The candidate must work at least three continuous months averaging 40 or more hours per week from the start date.
  4. This referral program does not apply to GTA internal hires or internal contract resources.