Technical Staffing

Since 1997, Global Technology Associates (GTA) has provided professional services to corporate executives and technology managers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley in Northern California.

Our goal is to become a valued partner in our client’s business success by:

  • Providing technical resources matching the right employee with the right job
  • Supplying contract resources
  • Completing fixed-bid project work

How to Fill A Job Vacancy

From the time at which your organization authorizes a new hire to the time at which the employee accepts the job and starts work, many things must happen.

Hiring Process – 10 Step Action Plan by GTA

  1. Write the job announcement
    • Profile the skills that your position requires
    • Profile the personal characteristics of the candidate that will work best in your organization
  2. Advertise and recruit candidates
  3. Review applicants
    • Screen resumes
    • Rate, rank or otherwise prioritize candidates
    • Draft candidate shortlist
  4. Conduct telephone interviews
    • Finalize candidate shortlist
  5. Coordinate candidate interviewing with hiring manager and stakeholders
  6. Review the completed candidate feedback forms from interviewers
  7. Verify prior work history
  8. Check references
  9. Complete background checks
  10. Extend the offer of employment

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All of these steps are time-consuming — if not complicated.

Hiring Pitfalls

When filling a job vacancy, the advertisement and recruitment phase is the critical first step to a successful candidate search. If planned correctly, this phase yields a promising list of qualified candidates.

However if something goes wrong during the advertisement and recruitment phase, then your candidate search is unnecessarily delayed, leaving you with the thankless task of filtering resumes to exclude a potentially endless array of non-matching applicants.

How We Work

Global Technology Associates handles all of the details required to fill your job vacancy. We do this for you by following a time-tested, proven recruitment process.

In completing the key step of advertising and recruitment, GTA recruiters leverage a process that encompasses the following:

  • Searching our proprietary résumé database
  • Conducting Internet searches
  • Networking at local industry events
  • Advertising in various online and print media

We work diligently to pre-screen applicants and save you time, so that you and your organization can quickly focus on candidate selection and a timely interviewing process.

What We Do

GTA leverages the most effective recruitment methods to match qualified candidates to your requirements.

GTA provides permanent placement and contract resources for the following roles:

  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • User Interface Engineers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Technical Writers
  • Graphic Designers

As you browse our website getting to know us better, we invite you to complete a staffing request.

If you do not have an immediate need for staffing services or project work, then feel free to bookmark our website for later consideration.