5 Things Google Still Needs to Fix in Android

Any day now, the Evo 4G is going to get an over-the-air update to Android 2.2 , complete with marquee features such as the ability to play Flash video and share contact details over Bluetooth. But after spending every day with a Motorola Droid, now running Android 2.1, we can think of plenty of smaller things we wish Google would work on instead. (13 mins ago)

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One Response to “5 Things Google Still Needs to Fix in Android”

  1. Melissa Archer says:

    This article is about five things that Google needs to fix in Android. They are:
    - No correction of spelling errors.
    - Some bugs with accelerometer.
    - Better widgets.
    - No way to force exit out of applications.
    - Multitasking applications slowing down the phone too much.