A 10-item Facebook wish list

You can’t argue with the social network’s runaway success, but making Facebook the ultimate Web destination requires more customizability, searchability, and sortability. (5 mins ago)

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One Response to “A 10-item Facebook wish list”

  1. Jonathan Estes says:

    Here are the top five suggested improvements to Facebook:

    1) Create categories of feeds and prioritize updates from family and friends.
    2) Sort Facebook posts like an e-mail client sorts e-mails. See all posts by a single user instead of mashing all posts together.
    3) Do not allow Facebook apps so much access to private details. Perhaps offer an anonymity feature for untrusted Facebook apps and have a way to block friends with less of an interest on your privacy from leaking private information about you to third parties.
    4) Increase the strength of default privacy settings. A user should not start using the service without knowing that certain private information is being/has been shared.
    5) Lock down privacy and increase the safeguards for children and new users.