Android Keeps Climbing in Mobile OS Share

Industry research firm comScore has unveiled the latest round of wireless industry numbers, and it’s looking better and better for Google’s smartphone OS. (3 mins ago)

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2 Responses to “Android Keeps Climbing in Mobile OS Share”

  1. Asoka Jayasinghe says:

    Things are looking good for Google’s Android SmartPhone OS according to the latest wireless industry research.
    Market Share for Android has risen by 154% for the past 3 months. Apple and RIM, too, have got a better market share than before.
    Microsoft and Palm have reason to be troubled, their market share slid down unlike the above mentioned companies.
    These numbers only represent mobile subscribers, NOT ACTUAL SALES. We can conclude that Microsoft and Palm are both losing subscribers and that Google, RIM and Apple have gained more subscribers over the past three months.

  2. JoshuaP says:

    Can not figure out why Google would want to promote Android. Is Android some sort of data collection tool by Google or worse yet a new advertising platform?