Apple fix for iPhone flaws coming with iOS 4.1

iPad owners must wait until November for multitasking, other new features Apple yesterday laid out its plans for the next two upgrades of iOS, the mobile operating system that powers its iPhone and iPad, slating the first for release in a few days. (2 hours ago)

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One Response to “Apple fix for iPhone flaws coming with iOS 4.1”

  1. Peggy Mcgowan says:

    Apple is delaying the update that will fix many issues users of iPad are experiencing. The new version of their operating system for iPad, the iOS 4.2, is expected to be released in November.

    Meanwhile an updated version for iOS 4.1 for the iPhone is expected to be rolled out sometime next week. Fixes include “Proximity sensor bugs, Bluetooth bugs, iPhone 3G performance bugs” amongst others.

    There will also be some new features in the update that will let users upload high-definition (HD) video over Wi-Fi, rent TV programs and begin using Apple’s Game Center multi-player online network.