Apps To Curb Distracted Driving Face Tough Task

Cars use lights, bells and buzzers to remind drivers to fasten their seat belts as they start their engines. It would seem natural, then, to offer warnings about another bad habit – distracted driving – but that’s easier said than done. (20 mins ago)

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2 Responses to “Apps To Curb Distracted Driving Face Tough Task”

  1. Cindy Roy says:

    Startups are trying to solve the problem of cell phone usage during driving. Various solutions are being offered but not without potential glitches. Whether the phone blocks the driver or the car blocks the phone, there is always a way around it for the determined driver.

  2. Rasika says:

    It is great to use the latest wireless technologies for road safety while driving but we have to monitor the success of these adaptations and modify the technology in a user friendly and effective manner. The drivers also have to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of fellow motorists by using wireless devices properly when driving — if at all…