BlackBerry is but a skirmish in the battle for the web

Research in Motion should perhaps be both worried and proud to learn that its BlackBerry smartphone is the industry standard for drug smugglers. Interviewing narcotics exporters in Canada and Colombia a few years ago, I noticed few left home without one. (3 hours ago)

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One Response to “BlackBerry is but a skirmish in the battle for the web”

  1. Paul Grimm says:

    Blackberry’s success in providing privacy and security for its customers gives it a dubious reputation: the phone of choice for drug smugglers. RIM has always said that people cannot intercept their encrypted emails that go through their Canadian servers. Now, the UAD, the Saudis, India and others want the peer-to-peer encryption to end. Washington thinks that this is a dangerous precedent, since they are “committed to a free flow of information”. We are already losing privacy and freedom. Gmail can be accessed very quickly by any law enforcement officer, even from other countries. Realistically, do not think anyone on the web has real privacy.