Can Nokia N8 Make a Smartphone Splash?

nokia n8

The N8 is Nokia’s first smartphone that seems worthy of mentioning in the same sentence as iPhone or Android, but the Nokia N8 probably is still not capable of going head-to-head with cutting-edge competitors. iPhone – Nokia – Smartphone – Android – Nokia N8

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One Response to “Can Nokia N8 Make a Smartphone Splash?”

  1. Rachael says:

    Despite the really good camera capabilities, the new smartphone by Nokia will not do well in the United States, because they have not signed contracts with the major carriers. Consumers in the US will not be as likely to purchase this latest addition to the world of smartphones, especially with a price tag of $500. Worldwide Nokia may have a better chance at success, but here stateside they may need to partner with Microsoft and utilize Windows 7 to have a chance.