Cell phones and electromagnetic radiation a growing concern

Convenient beyond belief, cell phones have changed how we live. But there’s concern over the health effects. (37 mins ago)

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2 Responses to “Cell phones and electromagnetic radiation a growing concern”

  1. Destiny2010 says:

    The full length article is an eye opener of sorts. Been hearing about the hazards of electro magnetic radiation especially that may affect young children. This article reminds us that using technology is important but some safety measures like using them only as much as it is necessary, even turning it off at night and yes no cell phones for children. Research is going on .

  2. Jessec1007 says:

    The debate regarding electromagnetic radiation continues. Using reports from medical research,
    a documentary film argues in the film the health risk in using a cell phone. While the cell phone companies cites the scientific studies do not reveal any potential harm to human and the non public-health risk ruled by health organizations. The author suggests avoiding talking on the cell phone and providing other simple tips that could put your mind at ease.