Gartner: ‘Technical debt’ will reach $1 trillion in five years

The idea that software acquires a “technical debt” that is paid in real dollars is getting new attention and research. The National Science Foundation approved a $465,000 research grant last year on technical debt, and Gartner has just released its study on this subject, which it calls “IT debt.” (9 hours ago)

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One Response to “Gartner: ‘Technical debt’ will reach $1 trillion in five years”

  1. Jacqueline Petersen says:

    This article is about the idea that old software develops a “technical debt” or “IT debt”, the real dollar loss that results from using outdated code and systems. This concept has been receiving attention in recent research, like a $465K grant from The National Science Foundation.
    Gartner conducted a study that puts IT debt at $500 billion and expects it to double in five years.
    Another study put a cost of $2.82 per line of code, approximately $1 million in IT debt for average applications.
    Not everyone identifies the concept as valid, but Gartner emphasized that over time the costs of software maintenance and inefficiency become very expensive in time and money.
    One proposed suggestion is to reuse code, which makes maintenance easier. Researchers are continuing to define and analyze the issue so they can work on reducing technical debt.