Google Serendipitous Search Plans Helmed by Marissa Mayer

Moving Marissa Mayer over to head Google’s geo/local unit is part of the company’s plan to build a serendipitous search engine to bring users results so they don’t have to enter them. (4 hours ago)

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One Response to “Google Serendipitous Search Plans Helmed by Marissa Mayer”

  1. Frances Jefferson says:

    Important points of the article:
    *Marissa Mayer will now lead Google’s geo/local unit as part of the plan to improve Google search and create an user dedicated engine like no other.
    *Mayer oversaw the development of the user interface, in the last 10 years, towards new location-based services.
    *Google will use services as Google Buzz, Google Latitude, Google Places and history searches, all of them gravitating around Google Maps, to make the search queries reach to the users.
    *This is an artificial intelligence sort of approach, because the search engine would collect all the information about the user and make suggestions according to their likes and where they are.
    *The source said that it is like the Yellow Pages telling you what you might want.
    It seems that location based services are the future of advertisement.