Google Users Concerned About WiSpy But Still Prefer Google

Web consumers are concerned about Google’s collection of data over wireless networks (i.e. WiSpy), but still give the search engine and Web services provider a favorable rating of 74 percent. That’s the latest from a poll conducted by Google watchers Consumer Watchdog and Grove Insight, which also found citizens are concerned about their privacy. Users are concerned about Google collecting personal information from users over WiFi networks. Spying over unsecured wireless networks or “WiSpy”.

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2 Responses to “Google Users Concerned About WiSpy But Still Prefer Google”

  1. Brandi Thompkins says:

    Google Map’s road team has captured private user information from wireless networks. While Google users are angry over the incident, the users have and will continue to use the search engine.

  2. Google’s cars which travel the streets to take images and 3D views of residential and business areas for ground level footage to be used for Google Maps was apparently also collecting over 500 gigabytes of end user e-mails, passwords and other personal information from WiFi users.

    This illegal collection of information was performed in the US and internationally. Some countries such as Hong Kong have demanded an inspection of the hard drives.

    In the US, a congressman from Connecticut has demanded congressional hearings and testimony under oath from Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

    There have been and remain some questions about Google’s relationship to the US National Security Agency (NSA). Not only over this incident but other incidents as well in which Google collects personal information from the users of its search engine and other free online services.

    Google blames the incident an a “rogue engineer”, but it is clear that if the snooping was initiated and/or endorsed by Google higher ups, it is very likely that Google will greatly erode consumer trust and the company future will be in jeopardy.