Here’s A Thought: Steve Jobs Could Buy Facebook

Just because Apple could, doesn’t mean it will. But it would sure frost Google. (55 mins ago)

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One Response to “Here’s A Thought: Steve Jobs Could Buy Facebook”

  1. Rosa Feliciano says:

    Here is a summary of this article:
    *Steve Jobs talked trash about Google Android’s software on Apple’s earning call on October 18.
    *However, the most interesting comment was when Jobs suggested that they might make a new acquisition with their huge amount of money in cash and securities.
    *This could mean several things but Kafka suggests that Apple could buy Facebook .
    *Since Apple is always trying to compete with Google this might be an intelligent move, because Google has been defeated in social media by Facebook.
    *Well, this is only conjecture, most people are still wondering how Steve Jobs will spend $51 billion.