LDRA Interface Maximizes Efficiency and Ease-of-Use

BOSTON—-LDRA has beefed up TBmanager, its task-based interface to the LDRA tool suite, to create a common user interface, accommodate regression suites, test scripts and multi language testing of apps. (12 hours ago)

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One Response to “LDRA Interface Maximizes Efficiency and Ease-of-Use”

  1. sean says:

    As industry and Government become increasingly dependent on software the demand for improved software surveillance is gaining momentum. The new paradigm,m shift towards cloud computing means that administrators will need to keep careful records and proof of due diligence.
    New programs in development are increasingly being built with these additional security measures in mind, automation of those requirements are sure to be among the most popular
    Tb manager is one of these leading edge tools that fits the bill of what many IT departments will be pining for, this coordination of several heterogeneous languages is a large step in the right direction. Typically many companies are tied to legacy systems based on ADA or C, this product makes it possible for all languages to be managed and views simultaneously no matter the count.