Michele Bachmann Talks Violence And Net Neutrality On Hannity

Fox News has come under fire for its vicious demonization of the Tea Party movement lately, so keeping in line with their “fair and balanced” slogan, Sean Hannity had Michele Bachmann , on the show last night to defend their cause. She replied to criticism that the right was inciting violence, attacked the Democratic financial regulation bill, and took on Net Neutrality. (1 day ago)

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One Response to “Michele Bachmann Talks Violence And Net Neutrality On Hannity”

  1. beatrice says:

    Fox News invites Michele Bachmann to talk about Tea Party

    • She states Democrats want all internet content to favor them
    • Democratic financial regulation bill is not a solution according to her
    • Sean Hannity invited her to be impartial
    • Bachmann was defensive but tried to stay neutral