Portnov Computer School Goes Online

Portnov Computer School is now offering its well known Software QA program online to career changers worldwide. (11 hours ago)

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  1. shinsta says:

    Portnov Computer school’s program was initially only available to people living in Silicon Valley. They specialize in courses on software testing and software quality assurance. Mikhail Portnov, school director of Portnov Computer School explains that specialists are needed in an environment where US software development teams are outsourced to cheap labor countries such as India and China. Mr. Portnov explains that these specialists understand American quality assurance and work to regulate the product quality. The goal is to ensure that outsourced teams do not make second rate/low quality/bug-ridden programs that may receive negative feedback from customers. They were unable to source talent outside of the Silicon Valley in the past, due to the fact that the process of training a specialist in this area required hands-on training which needed to be done in a real world environment on campus. Now with online technology, the Portnov Computer School is able to train specialists by incorporating these factors in an online curriculum.