Spain Is Ripe for Cloud Computing but Slow to Adopt

Spain is seen by many technology experts as fertile ground to develop the shared Internet technology, with its potential to cut fixed costs. But businesses and public administration have been slow to adopt it. (3 hours ago)

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One Response to “Spain Is Ripe for Cloud Computing but Slow to Adopt”

  1. Bonnie Swan says:

    According to the article Spain is the most poised European county to take advantage of the cloud computing environment. They have the largest employee services sector, this is necessary to implement cloud computing. It may be as much a lifestyle change that will have to be adopted, many employees will telecommute when the technology is in place.

    A broad plan was made this summer to modernize public administration, these folks state they are right on track in their efforts to adopt the technology. The financial services sector will probably be the last sector involved. Government regulations prohibit the transfer of customer information, and where the data can be stored.