UAE, BlackBerry resolve dispute, averting ban

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates on Friday backed off a threat to cut key BlackBerry services, just days before a planned ban that could have harmed the country’s business-friendly reputation. (1 hour ago)

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One Response to “UAE, BlackBerry resolve dispute, averting ban”

  1. Jacqueline Petersen says:

    This article is about The United Arab Emirates (UAE) backing off from a threat to cut key services on BlackBerry smart phones.
    The threat of a ban had been due to security concerns and would have affected half a million users including foreign travelers.
    A deal was apparently reached which brought Blackberry in line with local laws.
    This likely included giving authorities some limited access to the encryption data without which the UAE had claimed phones could be misused by terrorists and criminals.
    Free speech advocates have criticized these measures and continue to emphasize caution about the sharing of private data with governments.