What agile software development can do for government

It’s not a cure-all, but agile development it can help solve many of the development challenges agencies face, writes Larry Albert, president of the Healthcare Practice at Agilex Technologies. (1 day ago)

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One Response to “What agile software development can do for government”

  1. Gregory Stewart says:

    According the commentary by Larry Albert, of Federal Computer Week, agile software development will allow government to be “flexible.” The ability to adjust and adapt in order to create the necessary tactics to break the “traditional methodology” in IT structured world with teams of developers working together in a disciplined and timely fashion. Moreover, agile software development by his implication can change this culture of tradition from its bureaucratic staleness and allow for a more intelligent design in order to anticipate the customer needs. In government, the abundance of information makes it necessary for it be able to adapt—and agile software development allow this.