Why America’s Telecom System Stinks

Analysis: Technologist Lawrence Lessig exposes a rigged system of poor service for higher cost. (19 hours ago)

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One Response to “Why America’s Telecom System Stinks”

  1. Shaky Schaefer says:

    America does not fare very well when compared against other countries with respect to broadband access speeds, openness and pricing.

    Telecommunications offerings in Japan or South Korea are far superior to services offered in the United States.

    If you do not want to compare the US to an Asian country, then take a look at France. For about $33 per month, subscribers receive 20Mbps fixed broadband speeds with unlimited local, long-distance and international calling. If that were not enough subscribers also receive free HDTV plus even wireless voice and data access.

    Clearly telecommunications offerings in the US are priced much higher when compared to other countries internationally.