WikiLeaks rebounds as new hosting provider seeks protection

WikiLeaks appears to be quickly taking steps to reduce its reliance on Internet infrastructure in the U.S. as it battles to keep secret diplomatic cables online while its new French hosting provider is seeking court protection. (40 mins ago)

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2 Responses to “WikiLeaks rebounds as new hosting provider seeks protection”

  1. Muhammad Usman Zafar says:

    Since it began posting classified U.S. diplomatic cables, WikiLeaks hascome under consistent denial-of-service attacks that have aimed to shut down the release of the documents.

    Amid the hosting problems, WikiLeaks was abandoned by its DNS (Domain Name System) provider on Thursday due to sustained attacks. One of its domain names,, no longer works.

    After remaining off line for almost 6 hours, the website was re-launched at a new domain i.e., which resolved to an IP address that is hosted by French hosting provider OVH. The company has designated multiple IP addresses to WikiLeaks to make the website more resilient to an attack, as WikiLeaks can keep on shifting from one IP address to another. Since the IP hosting is outside US so it will also make it difficult for the US government to influence its blockage.

  2. Thelma Torres says:

    It seems that we consumers and citizens are not longer guaranteed privacy. With WikiLeaks it now seems that goverments and politicians are no longer guaranteed privacy either.