Will consumers go for wireless gift cards?

Two companies with ties to San Diego Transaction Wireless and Qualcomm-owned Firethorn are among the numerous firms betting this year’s gift giving season will push mobile commerce and particularly mobile gift cards forward. (2 hours ago)

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One Response to “Will consumers go for wireless gift cards?”

  1. Victoria Ayala says:

    This article is about how companies are trying to push the use of mobile gift cards. They will be used the same way you check out with credit cards but through your mobile phone. Countries like South Korea and Japan have already adopted cell phone commerce but only use it for transit purposes.

    Facebook is already preparing to sell mobile gift cards on their site and Starbucks has already tested it with a Starbucks gift card app on the iPhone.

    Many believe this idea will be easier for consumers to use and give gift cards through mobile devices but only time will tell.