Wired for battle

The drive to loosen telecommunications ownership rules sets the stage for fireworks in Ottawa this fall (12 hours ago)

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2 Responses to “Wired for battle”

  1. Jerry Patton says:

    Canada is finally going to have to open up it’s telecommunications properties up to foreign investment. Currently, foreign firms can not own more than 46.7% of a telecommunications company.

    The liberalization of the Telecom sector could see an influx of investment. The question is will this cash help improve infrastructure or consolidate power?

  2. Gregory Stewart says:

    When I read this headline, “Wired for Battle,” I thought some form of Pokemon grand battle had crossed the Internet minutia. But alas, something more amazing happened—Canada has decided to open up its telecommunication market. After years of protectionism, the economy has dictated the necessity for competition to protect the consumers and the industry from falling on its face. In Ottawa, the government is reconsidering how much foreign investors can purchase in telecommunication companies and public television stations. This shift demonstrates that even the well intention must adapt at some point…