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Apple iPhone 5 Release Date: Will Universal Remote Functionalities Make Future iPhone Control TVs?

At a time when the tech world is busy churning the rumor mill about Apple TV, a recent report from Patently Apple also added iPhone 5 to the scene, saying that the Cupertino-based tech giant might offer a universal remote control feature to upcoming iPhones

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Tablets, 3D TVs are show stoppers

2011 will be the year of tablets and 3D televisions, writes Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson. (11 hours ago)

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Apple TV not juicy enough

Compared with the growing pile of gadgets that already connect TVs to the Internet, the Apple TV is fairly limited. It's the smallest and most stylish of the bunch, but like with a high-heeled shoe, you'll trade some capabilities for those looks. (34 mins ago)

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